How to Clean Air Vents in Your Car with a Paintbrush

June 11th, 2019 by

Close-up of a car air vent

You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment to keep your used car‘s air vents clean. Air vent cleaning can be done with tools you can either find around your house or purchase for cheap at the local dollar store or craft store. For example, you can use a soft foam paintbrush to gently remove dust, pet hair, and debris from air vents, improving the air quality inside your car. If you’re wondering how to clean air vents with a paintbrush, CarHop has you covered. Follow our guide below to learn more.

How to Clean Car Air Vents: Steps to Follow

Air conditioning vent cleaning is quick and easy and involves one step. Car air vents have narrow slots that are difficult to clean with a rag or microfiber towel. You’ll need something with extra reach to adequately remove dust and debris. This is where a foam paintbrush comes in. You can also choose one with extra reach, so you can be sure your car air vents are as clean as possible. The foam paintbrush will slide into the car air vent easily and catch the excess dust. Make sure you dampen the paintbrush a bit before using!

Get More Tips for Quick & Easy DIY Car Care

  • Make Air Fresheners: Making your own air fresheners is easy, and you can use a wide range of cheap products, such as felt and herbs.
  • Remove Car Rust: You can use Coca-Cola to remove patches of rust from your vehicle, making it look more presentable.
  • Clean Headlights: Toothpaste and a microfiber cloth — plus a little elbow grease — can get your headlights looking like new!
  • Repair a Cracked Windshield: Clear nail polish can temporarily repair a small crack in your windshield.

Learn More from the Team at CarHop!

Whether it’s learning to clean your headlights with toothpaste, removing stickers from your car, or using Coca-Cola to remove rust, CarHop offers plenty of ingenious tips to make caring for your car simple — and cheap! Do you have questions about how to clean air vents, our Great Warranty, or our used car inventory? Contact us with questions, or visit your local CarHop location!

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