How to Remove Stickers from a Car

July 16th, 2019 by

Closeup of "F" (for France) sticker on windshield of red car

Whether you’re not so fond of that Sci-Fi show you used to watch or your kid got creative with their sticker booklet, removing stickers from your used car can help keep it looking its best. Fortunately, keeping your vehicle sticker-free is easy with the correct products and a little elbow grease. Read on to get a few tips on how to remove stickers from a car, as well as how to remove that pesky sticker residue.

How to Remove Stickers from a Car’s Body

When removing a sticker from your car, it’s important to use the right products so you don’t scratch the paint. To do so, you’ll need the following:

  • Car washing soap
  • Hairdryer
  • Plastic card (an old credit card or membership card will do nicely)
  • Tree sap remover or Goo Gone Automotive
  • Clean and dry towels

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

  1. Clean the sticker and the area around it with the car washing soap.
  2. Set the hair dryer to hot, turn it on, and hold it about two to three inches away from the sticker for a few seconds. Heat the entire area; start with the outside and work your way in.
  3. Once the sticker is heated, use the plastic card to start pushing up the sticker. If the sticker starts to lift, you may be able to peel the rest off. If it’s stubborn, you may need to repeat the heating process.
  4. After the sticker has been removed, you may be wondering how to remove sticker residue from your car. It’s easy! Simply use a clean and dry cloth, as well as some tree sap remover or Goo Gone Automotive, and wipe the area gently until the residue is no more.

How to Remove Stickers from Car Windows

With the exception of clean towels, you’ll need a different set of materials to remove stickers from a car window, including:

  • Razor blade (Do not use a razor blade on tinted windows!)
  • Clean and dry towels
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper towel
  • Hot water and soap

Step-by-Step Instructions: 

  1. Use the razor blade to peel up the sticker. Peel as much as possible off by hand.
  2. Use the dish soap and water mixture, along with a clean towel, to scrub the area and remove as much of the residue as you can.
  3. If bits of the sticker still remain on the car window, use the razor blade to lift the edges and pull them off by hand.
  4. Rubbing alcohol can remove any remaining sticker residue. Pour some onto a paper towel and start scrubbing the area.
  5. Once you’ve finished, simply clean the area with water and a clean towel.

Want an Even Easier Way to Remove Car Stickers?

One quick and easy method of removing stickers from your car is to use a damp piece of newspaper. Simply wet a piece of newspaper with water, lay it over the sticker, and allow it to sit for around 15 minutes. The wet newspaper will help soften the sticky residue, making it easier to clean. You can also use this method for the windows.

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