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CarHop’s Great Limited Warranty*

CarHop Offers One of the Best Limited Warranties* in the Business!

Drive your CarHop car, van, truck or SUV with peace of mind, because every vehicle is covered by CarHop’s Customer Protection Plan**:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee or free vehicle exchange
  • 18 month / 18,000 mile limited warranty* so you can buy with confidence
  • AutoCheck vehicle history report

Video – Our Limited Warranty

Proper Care and Maintenance


Even with our great limited warranty*, you still need to take good care of your vehicle.

Proper maintenance to protect your vehicle includes:

  • Change oil at least every 5,000 miles to protect your engine.
  • Check your tire pressure monthly to save money on gas.
  • Rotate your tires every 10,000 miles so they last longer.
  • Keep receipts of all service work as they may be required for your warranty.
  • Call CarHop before you get any warranty work done on your vehicle.

Below are some examples of repairs that generally are covered. Some states have coverage beyond what is shown in the examples – please review the purchase contract you received when you purchased your vehicle from CarHop for specific limited warranty* questions.

Parts & Labor Covered:

  • Internal Engine
  • Internal Transmission
  • Water Pump
  • Fuel pump
  • Axles
  • U-joints

How the CarHop Limited Warranty* Process Works

  1. Check the self-help videos below – they could help save you time and money.
  2. Still need help? Find the nearest CarHop auto service shop.
  3. Contact the auto service shop to set an appointment so the service shop can diagnose the issue.
    • Ask how soon they can look at your vehicle, so you know before you bring it in.
  4. Bring your vehicle to the shop. Towing is not covered under limited warranty*.
    The auto service shop will send CarHop service an estimate for the work that the shop is recommending.
  5. CarHop will approve any repairs which are covered under limited warranty*. The covered items can be started immediately as soon as the needed parts arrive.
    • For any repairs not covered under limited warranty*, the shop will inform you of the prices and timing needed to complete the work.
  6. Contact the service shop directly for questions about the timing of repair completion, or specific questions about the work completed.
    • The estimate and approval process can take between 24-48 hours.


Videos – Simple Fix Its & Car Care

If Your Car Won’t Start


Other Car Care

Still Have Limited Warranty* Questions?

Please review the purchase contract you received when you purchased your vehicle from CarHop for specific limited warranty questions*. You may also call the local CarHop location where you purchased your vehicle. Click here to find your location and phone number.

Limited Warranty Guidelines* by State


*See dealer for copy of limited warranty

**Vehicle History Report for information purposes only. See dealer for copy of limited warranty. Within 7 days of purchase, exchange vehicle for another of similar value or get a refund of all payments made to date.

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