How to Remove Car Dents with a Plunger

March 8th, 2019 by

Hand pointing to dent on car

Dents and dings can happen to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with the damage forever. In fact, you might be able to fix minor body damage with a simple DIY approach. Find out how to remove car dents with a plunger in your very own garage, and bring your car back to its former glory today!

When Can I Use This Method?

If you need to know how to remove a dent from a car, it’s important to remember that not all methods work for all types of damage. The plunger method is best used on plastic parts of your car. So if you’ve gotten into a fender bender and you need to straighten out your bumper, you may be in luck. If you’re dealing with a chipped windshield or damaged roof, it’s best to look elsewhere.

You’ll also have the best luck if you start the process in warmer weather. That’s when the plastic surfaces of your vehicle are more pliable, so you have less risk of damaging your finish. For more severe body damage, however, we recommend scheduling a visit to your local service center.

Okay, So How Do I Actually Get the Dent Out?

You’ve located the dent, and now you’re ready to get to work! Here are the simple steps you’ll need to take to remove dents with a plunger:

  1. Get your tools ready. You’ll need a pot of very hot water and a simple plunger.
  2. Pour the hot water over the dented surface of the car. This softens the material.
  3. Put the plunger over the indented area and pull straight out. Your dent should pop right out.
  4. If you’re working on a bumper, you can also reach behind the dented surface to push the dent out.
  5. Repeat as needed until the dented area is flattened out.

Let CarHop Be Your Guide to DIY Repairs

You know how to remove dents, but what about other common car issues? Your local CarHop is here to help. Whether you need to learn how to replace a faulty car starter, clean your car’s dashboardor fix a flat tire on a road trip, we’ve got the tips and tricks that you need to prepare for any emergency! If you find yourself in a bind, feel free to reach out for personalized recommendations. Once you’ve gotten the dent out of your car, give it a quick and affordable makeover by polishing it with hair conditioner and microfiber cloth!

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