How to Clean Your Car Dashboard

July 19th, 2019 by

Person wiping dashboard with blue cloth

Your dashboard is one of the first parts of your car’s interior you — as well as your front-seat passenger — see when entering the vehicle. However, the dash is often overlooked during routine car cleanings. If you’re wondering how to clean a car dashboard, CarHop is here to help! Check out our guide below to learn more about what you’ll need and the steps to take to get your used car‘s dash sanitary and sparkling clean!

Cleaning the Car Dashboard: Materials & Steps

Start by gathering the household items you’ll need to thoroughly clean your car’s interior at home, including:

  • Vacuum with a soft brush attachment
  • Clean microfiber cloth
  • Water and soap mixture
  • Soft paintbrush
  • Polish

Once you have all of the above materials, follow these steps for how to clean the dashboard and interior of your car with household products:

  1. Use the vacuum with the brush attachment to vacuum up any dust and debris from the dashboard, so you have a clean surface.
  2. Take your microfiber cloth and dip it in the water and soap mixture. Household cleaners such as Dawn Dish Soap or Simple Green are great for cleaning your dashboard and vehicle’s interior. Be sure to use the cloth to wipe the dashboard, as well as the steering wheel, shift knob, handbrake, and other hard surfaces inside your vehicle.
  3. Cleaning small crevices, such as air vents, can be tricky and you’ll need something other than a cloth. You can use a soft paintbrush to clean your air vents and other parts of your car’s interior that are too delicate for hard-bristle brushes. If you don’t have a paintbrush, a cotton swab works as well and can be thrown out when you’re finished.
  4. After you’ve cleaned your dashboard, it’s time to add some shine! Put a small amount of polish on a clean cloth and rub it over the surface of the dash and center console. Go over the polished surfaces with a dry cloth to remove any excess polish. This will make your car interior shine!
  5. Add a homemade car air freshener for a finishing touch! Later, you can also use dryer sheets to wipe down your dash and keep it fresh and clean.

And that’s all there is to it! If you have any questions or want more tips on how to clean your car’s interior effectively, CarHop can help!

Rely on CarHop for Easy DIY Car Care Tips!

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