5 Must-Have Car Gadgets You’ll Find Impossible to Resist

September 4th, 2018 by

Man changing wiper blade on vehicle

Take a look around you: does your car’s interior really express who you are? Could it do with some cool new gadgets? Of course it could – why would your turn down the opportunity to liven up your drive and improve everything from convenience to connectivity?


Read on to learn about our top 5 must-have car gadgets:

  • Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger
  • Reflective Lightsaber Rear Wipers
  • Auto Café Hot Cup Warmer
  • Efficiency FileMaster
  • Garmin HUD with Navigation

Check Out These 5 Cool Car Gadgets Today

  1. Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger: Working at speeds of 88 mph and below, the Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger keeps your personal devices fully charged. It also runs on your vehicle’s battery – no plutonium required.
  2. Reflective Lightsaber Rear Wipers: An elegant wiper for a more civilized driver, the Reflective Lightsaber Rear Wiper attaches in minutes with no need for special tools, and it’s effective whether you’re in the desert heat of Tatooine or the thick snow of Hoth. A great way to care for your car while also learning the ways of the Force if you’re to drive with me to Alderaan.
  3. Auto Café Hot Cup Warmer: If there’s one thing worse than not having your own flux capacitor, it’s finding that your hot drink has gone cold. This handy cup warmer reheats your drink and fits securely in all car and truck cup holders, taking 12- to 20-oz cups made from paper, foam, plastic, or porcelain
  4. Efficiency FileMaster: Need to get organized for the school year or keep your business files handy while you’re on the move? Just use the FileMaster. You can store file folders, office tools, stationary, and even a laptop. Plus, there’s a non-skid desktop to keep mobile devices from sliding around as you drive.
  5. Garmin HUD with Navigation: This device receives free navigation information from the Garmin HUD smartphone app and projects info right onto your windshield. Brightness is automatically adjusted to keep everything visible. Turn it on after activating your flux capacitor to make your car feel a bit more futuristic.

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Looking for other ways to improve your vehicle’s interior? If you have a free afternoon, making a DIY car air freshener is both quick and easy.

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