What’s the Best Used Family Car for You?

June 25th, 2019 by

Family of four sitting in the back of an SUV

With so many body styles from which to choose, deciding on a new-to-you family car can be overwhelming. Should you go with the familiar sedan, the rugged SUV or crossover, the family minivan, or the versatile truck? Below, CarHop breaks down the differences between popular family cars. Read on to decide which is the best used family car for you, then learn more about our convenient Buy Here Pay Here options!

Compact & Subcompact Cars

Compact and subcompact cars come in different shapes and sizes. Decide which is the best car for a family of 5 below:

  • Sedan: One of the most familiar compact body styles is the sedan, which includes four doors and a cargo area that’s separate from the rest of the interior. Sedans can be small, mid-size, or full-size but usually seat 5 people.
  • Coupe: Coupes are similar to sedans in terms of shape but tend to be smaller. Traditionally, coupes offer 4-person seating and two doors, but nowadays, that’s more of a guideline than a rule.
  • Hatchback: Hatchbacks are larger than sedans and coupes but typically seat 5 people. One of the major benefits of hatchbacks is their spacious cargo areas, making them great choices for hauling groceries, sports gear, etc.

SUVs & Crossovers

Sports utility vehicles, or SUVs, are designed to be more functional than sporty — at least when it comes to the mainstream market. SUVs are available in compact, midsize, and full-size configurations and offer spacious interiors, large seating capacities, and generous cargo volumes. Whether you’re looking for the best 5-seater or best 7-seater family car, an SUV is a great choice. Additionally, SUVs tend to offer both two-wheel and all-wheel drive, so you can tackle unforgiving weather conditions.

“Crossover” is just as the name suggests — a crossover between different categories of vehicles. Design-wise, they’re very similar to SUVs but offer the car-like handling of something smaller. The main difference between an SUV and a crossover is the platform on which the vehicle is built. Crossovers have a unibody platform, which means the body and frame are one piece. SUVs have a body-on-frame design, meaning the body and frame are built separately, and the body is placed on the frame later.


If you’re transporting a small army, a minivan is likely the best large family car for you. Minivans can seat up to eight people across three rows, making them better family haulers than most full-size SUVs. The rear seats fold flat to expand the cargo area when necessary, while walkthroughs between the front seats give parents room to stow books, snacks, and other items to keep the kids entertained. When it comes to driveability, minivans tend to handle more like cars than SUVs, although they often tow and haul comparably well.


You might think of a truck as a work-only vehicle, but nowadays, many are doubling as family vehicles as well. With an extended-cab truck, it’s easy to comfortably seat five people while towing a camper to a local camping spot or a boat to the beach for a day of fun in the sun. Trucks are great options for families who need towing and hauling power that surpasses what SUVs are capable of delivering.

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