Why Buy a Used Car from a Dealership vs. Private Seller?

July 5th, 2019 by

Car with price on the windshield

There’s more than one way to buy a used car. For most car shoppers, the choice boils down to dealer vs. private seller. Buying a used car from a dealer means you’ll get a wider selection, better financing options, and all-around peace of mind while buying a used car from a private seller can be riskier. Learn more about the benefits of buying from a dealer like CarHop — your reliable source for used cars and in-house financing.

Vehicle Selection

When you buy from a dealer vs. a private seller, you’ll have a much wider selection of pre-owned vehicles from which to choose. Whether you’re in the market for an affordable family car or a heavy-duty work truck, a dealership will likely carry the vehicle you want. You can find cars from all sorts of makes, equipped with everything from heated seats to leather upholstery to navigation. What’s more, CarHop has locations across the country and serves the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

Financing Options

Many banks won’t finance vehicles through private sellers. In the eyes of banks, private sellers don’t have a reputation to uphold, and they may not be 100% accurate or truthful about the condition of their vehicles. This is crucial because if a buyer finances a vehicle with detrimental issues, such as a faulty engine, they can abandon the car loan — meaning the bank gets nothing but a car that can’t be driven. CarHop offer financing options like Buy Here, Pay Here, which gives drivers with less-than-perfect credit financial freedom and the reputability of a dealership.

Peace of Mind

Buying a used car from a private seller can be risky. It’s important to ask the right questions, take the car for a test drive, and make sure it has adequate service records. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a car that has serious problems, which could cost you hundreds or even thousands in repairs. CarHop takes pride in every car we sell on our lot. That’s why we offer a Great Limited Warranty* on each vehicle, as well as a Satisfaction Guarantee. You won’t get either of those benefits from a private seller!

Shop Quality Used Cars at CarHop!

Buying a used car from a dealer is an easy way to find the car you want with reasonable financing plans and a quality guarantee. Do you have questions about our used inventory? Contact us today, or visit one of our locations near you.

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*See dealer for copy of limited warranty