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    Buy Here Pay Here Financing: a Natural Choice for the Modern Driver

    Heading to a private seller in Lakewood or a dealership in Denver means applying for financing through an external lender, usually a bank. A Buy Here Pay Here dealership is different because there’s no middleman. Financing comes through the dealership itself, so even people with poor credit histories or no credit history at all can seek out the credit they need.

    The benefits of Buy Here Pay Here perfectly complement the benefits of buying used. At CarHop, we offer Buy Here Pay Here on a wide range of pre-owned cars, plus a Satisfaction Guarantee. To find out more, visit CarHop of Denver today.

    The assumption that used cars for sale are unreliable is made with the yesteryear’s vehicles in mind. A decade or two ago, used cars were a little risky — nowadays, engineering breakthroughs have produced a used car market filled with models you can trust. Better yet, you’ll still enjoy the lower monthly payments, down payment, and insurances rates associated with a used model. Talk about win-win.

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