How Does CarHop Work?

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Find a CarHop Near You Used Vehicle Inventory

How does CarHop work? Simply put, it works for you. That’s because we offer Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) financing. It’s just like regular financing, only we work  exclusively with CarHop FInance. BHPH financing enables you to get behind the wheel of a great used car, truck or SUV:

Used Car Buying Guide

It is the car-buying experience you’ve been seeking.

How Do You Get a Vehicle With CarHop?

It’s easy.  We help you find a vehicle which fits your need and your budget.  We understand that you might only have limited funds available for a down payment, so our Buy Here Pay Here financing can be arranged to cover the remaining amount.

We’ll work to make things easier by:

  • Considering older vehicles for trade-in value or to supplement a down payment.
  • Providing you with a budget before you start shopping to make the selection process easier and faster.

How Does Buy Here Pay Here Financing Help?

Buy Here Pay Here financing provides you the freedom of owning your own car. If you have bad or no credit, you could be left out in the cold by other dealerships. You can even improve your credit score by making regular on-time payments, and multiple payment options are available for your convenience and peace of mind.

More advantages of choosing CarHop include:

How Does CarHop Work for you? Come Find Out!

CarHop works by putting your needs first. If you’ve found it hard to get a car loan, visit CarHop.  We can almost certainly help, all while delivering exceptional peace of mind. Sound interesting? Simply contact us today or visit your local CarHop to find out more.


* See dealer for details.
** See dealer for copy of limited warranty.
*** Vehicle history reports are provided for informational purposes only.
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