How to Plan an Epic Summer Road Trip with your Family

June 29th, 2022 by

Smiling man wearing sunglasses driving a car

Summer is the time many drivers take to the road to visit family, explore new places or even hit their favorite beach destination. According to AAA, over 42 million people are expected to hit the roads for the July 4th holiday weekend alone. 

As we reach the peak of the summer driving season, here are some tips to help you and your family plan and prepare for the most epic summer road trip.

Plan your epic summer road trip route 

The first step to getting out there on your adventure is planning your route! With the advantage of cell phones and GPS units, planning a trip is easier than ever. Just be sure to take a few minutes ahead of the trip to map a route and get a general idea of what to expect on your drive. It might be worthwhile to keep a paper map in the car too, just in case of bad signals or battery failure on your devices.

Also be weather aware of the destination to where you’re traveling. Websites and apps like will help you stay aware and be prepared for your trip and monitor the conditions as you drive.

Perform essential car maintenance 

Keeping your vehicle maintained and up-to-date on service is important no matter what season it may be. However, if you are planning a summer road trip now is a better time than any to perform essential car maintenance before you take off on your next adventure. 

Add these items to your checklist before your summer road trip adventure:

  • Check the tires for tread and wear
  • Make sure the engine is in good working order 
  • Prepare the AC for longer trips, especially if traveling to a warm destination
  • Make sure windshield wiper blades are in good condition

If you are traveling with small children now is also a perfect time to check the fit of their car and booster seats. Many local police and fire stations will even check them out for you! Call or stop by before you leave for the best advice from the professionals. 

Be prepared for emergencies 

Even if you are super careful, plan ahead and have everything in order for your summer road trip, emergencies can still happen. Having a plan and knowing what to do in a variety of situations will ensure you get back on the road in no time. 

Roadside assistance services such as AAA offer low-cost peace of mind that someone will be there to help in case of a flat tire, locked keys in a vehicle or the need for a tow. If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, make sure you know how to perform these tasks for your car if you need or know who to call.

Fill your tank regularly 

This goes without saying, but nothing is worse than running out of gas on a trip far from home, especially if you are unsure where the nearest gas station even is. Take the time to fill your tank regularly so you won’t run low on fuel and be put in this situation. 

Additionally, your car, truck, SUV or van will run the most efficiently if the tank spends more time closer to full than empty. Before your summer road trip also check out these tips to improve your overall fuel efficiency and have a happy trip. Your wallet will thank you!

Trade-up before the trip

Are you concerned your vehicle will make your summer road trip less than ideal? If the AC isn’t up to par or you’re in the market for something more fuel-efficient CarHop can help. 

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