DNC Policy

Interstate Auto Group, Inc. (dba “CarHop”) and Universal Acceptance Corporation (“UAC” or dba “CarHop Finance”) and their affiliates (collectively, “Company”) do not place marketing telephone calls to numbers appearing on a state or federal DNC list (unless permitted by applicable law) or to any telephone number for which a person has requested not to receive telemarketing calls made by or on behalf of the Company. If a customer asks to not receive telemarketing calls from the Company, his/her telephone number will be placed on the Company’s internally-maintained DNC list and will not be called during any future telemarketing campaigns for as long as required by applicable law. Any request to be placed on the Company’s internally-maintained DNC list will be processed within a reasonable amount of time, not to exceed 30 days. The Company’s employees involved in telemarketing campaigns receive training on how to use our internally-maintained DNC list; how to document, process and honor requests to be placed on our internally-maintained DNC list; and how to properly identify him or herself during any telemarketing call. It is our policy to honor a DNC request for five years from the time the request is made. However, some states may have DNC laws that require us to honor such a request for a longer period of time and it is our policy to comply with such laws when applicable.

Customers may request to be put on the CarHop Do Not Call list in the following ways:

  • In writing to: CarHop DNC at 5417 Lakeland Ave N, Ste 100, Crystal, MN 55429; or
  • By phone: to any CarHop sales employee or call 800-930-6822
  • By email: to [email protected]