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    Used cars stand head and shoulders above new cars in plenty of compelling ways. Firstly, you can expect to pay less for the same model — either put that money towards a more luxurious vehicle or stick it in your back pocket. There’s a wider range available, and modern vehicles are reliable enough to provide peace of mind well into the 100,000 – 200,000-mile range.

    The Benefits of Buy Here Pay Here Financing

    There are more than a few affordable used cars for sale around Crystal, but you should look for pre-owned cars at a Buy Here Pay Here dealership instead. With financing coming through the dealership instead of an external lender, Buy Here Pay Here often works better for people with bad credit history or no credit history. CarHop even provides a Satisfaction Guarantee and a great warranty.

    If you’re interesting in combining the benefits of buying used with the perks offered by Buy Here Pay Here financing, visit CarHop of Crystal today.

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