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Buy Here Pay Here

If you’re shopping for a used car and are suffering from bad credit, have no credit at all, or even have excellent credit, a buy here pay here dealership like CarHop might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s How Buy Here Pay Here Works

If you have poor credit or no credit at all, you may not be able to get a car loan from a traditional bank or credit union. If you don’t have the cash to buy a vehicle, you’ll need some form of financing to make the purchase. This is where CarHop comes in.

We help customers buy a used car directly from our dealership. This means you pay CarHop rather than a bank or other financing service – it basically takes the place of a traditional car loan! As a result, you can usually get financed right away (often the same day) by purchasing your vehicle from CarHop rather than waiting for the bank’s loan approval process. This is what is called a buy here pay here dealership in the automotive industry. If this is what you’re looking for, you can apply for financing online today!

Sometimes, instead of “buy here pay here” you’ll hear “on the spot financing” or “tote the note.” All these expressions mean is that, by purchasing your used car, truck or van through a buy here pay here dealership, you essentially get financed through dealerships like CarHop rather than through a bank. Unlike other used car dealerships, we don’t hand off your credit application to a bank – we work with CarHop Finance to get you approved without a traditional car loan from a bank. So if you suffer from bad credit or no credit, this approach might be your best option.

Another benefit of purchasing through us is that CarHop reports your consistent, on-time payments to credit bureaus, which helps to improve your credit score. As long as you stay on time and don’t miss your payments, you have an opportunity to improve your poor credit with every payment you make. By improving your bad credit through CarHop, you’ll have new financial opportunities such as purchasing a home, gaining financial freedom or accomplishing many other things you can’t do if you suffer from bad credit.

When purchasing your new vehicle, you’ll also want to watch for any type of limited warranty offered. Most dealerships sell cars “as is,” but at CarHop we offer a limited warranty* with our vehicles. So if you purchase your car through CarHop, you not only get a reliable vehicle, but you also get an excellent limited warranty* with your purchase to ensure your satisfaction.

So all in all, if have poor or no credit, and are shopping for a used vehicle, CarHop is here to help get your driving! You can apply for financing online! With our Buy Here Pay Here approach, our regular monthly credit reporting to help you improve your credit score, and our limited warranty*, CarHop provides a valuable service to our customers who can’t get car loans from banks or other dealers.

Our mission is Helping People Drive®, and we look forward to helping all of our customers get behind the wheel of the new car, SUV, truck or van they need. If you need to get on the road today, don’t wait – apply for financing online now!

*See dealer for copy of limited warranty.

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