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AutoPay Rewards

Fast & Easy Payments

Remove the hassle and extra cost of buying money orders, writing checks, driving in to drop off payments at the store and/or calls to your bank.

‘Skip-A-Payment’ Pass

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip a car payment when you really need to? Sign up for AutoPay and you can! CarHop AutoPay Rewards are our way of saying ‘thank you’ to customers who pay us with AutoPay or PayCheck Direct. Just make 6 months of on-time payments via AutoPay and you skip up to one payment**, when you choose, no questions asked. You can use it as soon as you earn it or save it for a rainy day!
*Program benefits may be subject to change without notice. **See complete program rules at the bottom of this page

Yes! I want my AutoPay Rewards. Call 800-414-2622 or login to My Account and click the ‘Setup AutoPay” button.


Get your AutoPay Rewards

Set up recurring payments from your bank account or card. There are no fees for this service.
Call 800-414-2622 or login to My Account and click the ‘Setup AutoPay” button.

**AutoPay Reward Program Rules
All program rules are subject to change, without notice.

“Qualifying payments” include:

  • CarHop Finance initiated AutoPay/ACH payments
  • PayCheck Direct payments (ACH payments direct from your employer/paycheck to CarHop Finance)
  • ACI Payments, Inc. recurring credit or debit payments
  • Customers with Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Semi-Monthly pay frequencies can skip one full payment. Customers with Monthly Frequencies can skip 50% of one full payment.
  • A “Banking Day” is any day that the US Federal Reserve is open
  • “On-time” payments are payments made on or before the scheduled due date. When the scheduled due date is not a Banking Day, a payment posted on the next Banking Day will be considered “on-time.”
  • Any AutoPay or BillPay payment returned for non-sufficient funds (“NSF”) will be considered “on-time” provided the NSF is repaid within two Banking Days of the scheduled due date.
  • The “Payments are never re-run automatically” Reward applies to Qualifying Payments that were returned for non-sufficient funds. Future scheduled AutoPay payments will continue to be presented unless the Reward Member requests that they be stopped.

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