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Why Is Good Credit So Important?

July 13th, 2012

Credit affects many crucial parts of your life. Your credit rating is used to determine how trustworthy you are with paying back loans, paying your housing rent, and in some cases, it’s considered when an employer is trying to decide whether or not they should hire you. So having bad credit can hinder you from essentials like employment, housing and transportation.

It’s easy to damage your credit, but rebuilding it is a different story. At CarHop, we understand the importance of credit, and how difficult it can be to repair. That’s why we give our customers an opportunity to rebuild their credit scores by reporting to the three national credit bureaus monthly. As long as a customer is diligent with making on-time payments, his/her credit score may improve over time, opening the door to many more opportunities!

To learn more about the importance of good credit, click here. And to start your journey on the road to better credit, click here!


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