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Used Car Dealer Northwest Arkansas

If you’re searching for a used car in the Northwest Arkansas area and have less than perfect credit (or no credit at all), CarHop is the used car dealer you’re looking for. As an on the spot financing dealer, CarHop finances our used car sales ourselves – no need to worry about getting a car loan from the bank! CarHop has two convenient Northwest Arkansas locations – Springdale and Ft. Smith.

Many folks shopping for used cars in ­­­­­­­Northwest Arkansas have struggled with credit issues in the past and are denied when they try to get a car loan from the bank. But at CarHop, we specialize in helping people with poor credit or no credit get behind the wheel of the car, truck or van they need.

So how do we do it? Well, unlike other Northwest Arkansas used car dealerships, we don't hand off your credit application to a bank – we work with an exclusive lender to get you approved without a traditional car loan from a bank. We help you find the used car you need and you make your payments directly to CarHop. All you need to do is stop in a Northwest Arkansas-area CarHop store or apply for financing online to get started.

Another reason to purchase your used car through CarHop is that we report your consistent, on-time payments to credit bureaus, which helps to improve your credit score. As long as you stay on time and don't miss your payments, you have an opportunity to improve your poor credit with every payment you make. By improving your bad credit through CarHop, you’ll have new opportunities to purchase brand new cars, buy a home, or accomplish many other things you can’t do if you suffer from bad credit.

Also, when purchasing your used vehicle, you’ll want to watch for any type of warranty offered. Most dealerships sell cars "as is" (which can be risky if you buy from a low-quality used car dealership), but your Northwest Arkansas-area CarHop offers a limited warranty with vehicles. So if you purchase your car through CarHop, you not only get a reliable vehicle, but you also get a reasonable warranty with your purchase to ensure your satisfaction.

So all in all, if you live in Northwest Arkansas, have poor or no credit, and are shopping for a used car, keep your eyes peeled for the CarHop sign – or you can visit to apply for financing online! With our buy here, pay here approach, our regular credit reporting to help you improve your credit score, and our limited warranty, CarHop provides a valuable service to our Northwest Arkansas-area customers who can’t get car loans from banks or other dealers.

Our mission is Helping People Drive®, and we look forward to helping all of our customers in Northwest Arkansas get behind the wheel of the used car, truck or van they need. If you need to get on the road today, don’t wait – apply for financing online today!