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UAC is one of the fastest growing automobile finance companies in the country devoted to helping good people with bad or no credit get affordable financing. UAC works exclusively with CarHop Auto Sales to help finance thousands of people who may otherwise not be able to afford to buy a dependable vehicle with low payments and free warranties.

We pride ourselves on saying "yes" when other financing companies say "no". Throughout the life of the financing agreement, we work hard to treat our customers with honesty, dignity and respect.

If you would like to apply for financing through UAC, talk to a CarHop dealer in your area or click here to fill out a fast approval form.

If you already have a UAC contract, to contact your account representative, please call 1-800-414-2622 or click here to go to the UAC website. Remember, they are here to help, so call if you have questions or concerns.

UAC Website