What are Some Tips for Improving Gas Mileage?

August 13th, 2021 by
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Most people only think about the cost of buying their next car in terms of price. However, there are a lot more factors that are involved in calculating the cost of your next vehicle. Depreciation is one of the biggest costs of any new car. Luckily for you, you can avoid most depreciation when buying a fairly priced used vehicle like the ones we sell at CarHop. Taxes, car insurance, car maintenance, and fuel economy are all additional considerations to keep in mind when determining how much your next car is truly costing you. One of the easier costs for you to control is fuel economy. Here are a few simple steps you can take to reduce your fuel consumption and improve your gas mileage, so you can save money.

Tip #1: Avoid Having a Lead Foot

Most people don’t think about how fast they’re accelerating. However, accelerating too quickly burns more gas. Many late model used cars even have systems in place to tell you if you’re driving efficiently, so they can help you save on gas.

Tip #2: Brake Slowly & Don’t Tailgate

Give yourself a little room between your car and the car in front of you. When it’s time to slow down or come to a stop, take your foot off the accelerator, and let engine braking do some of the work. You won’t have to slam on the brakes, and you’ll use less gas overall. This can also make the brakes on your car last longer and potentially even help you avoid an accident.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Tires are Properly Inflated

Tire pressure levels affect how much gas your car uses. If your car’s tires are not properly inflated, they can increase drag on your car, which burns more gas. The tread level left on your tires also affects how much gas you use. Tires help your car grip the road. If your treads are worn too thin, your vehicle will to work harder to speed up and slow down, which causes you to use more gas.

Tip #4: Make Sure You’re Using the Right Type of Gas

It’s important to use the right type of gas for your car. While most cars use regular gasoline, some cars recommend premium gas and will even provide better horsepower and fuel economy if you use it. Other cars actually require premium gas. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to see what type of gas you should be using for your car.

Tip #5: Avoid Idling

Idling wastes gas. If you can, try to avoid traffic and other situations that involve running you car while it’s parked. Your wallet will thank you.

Tip #6: Use Cruise Control When You Can

Cruise control will help your car maintain an even speed, which saves gas. Many late model used cars even come with adaptive cruise control now. This allows you to set your car’s cruising speed without having to constantly adjust it. If the car in front of you slows down, your car automatically will too. Once that car switches lanes or speeds up, you car will automatically climb back up to your set cruising speed.

For more tips on how to save on gas or for help finding a more fuel efficient car, contact us today.

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