An Easy Guide to COVID-19 Money & Help for You!

We are here to help! Call 800-414-2622 or your Carhop store so we can help you get the money you deserve. All stores are open to help you by answering questions and WE HAVE PAYMENT OPTIONS

Federal Programs 

Stimulus checks — The federal government may be providing a 2nd stimulus check under the HEROES act.  We will update this page as we learn more.  

As for the first stimulus check:  

You should have received the first stimulus payment by now.  If not, visit this link: 

Unemployment — File for it! More people are eligible now than ever before! The extra $600 a week above the normal unemployment benefits may end July 31st.

  • If it gets extended, we will update this page.
  • Those laid off anytime after Jan. 27th, you can get the additional $600 as back pay.
  • You may qualify even if your hours were cut, you weren’t working, had a part time job, are off work temporarily or were an independent contractor.
  • If you can’t work due to COVID-19, you might still be eligible for unemployment.

For more information on the Federal Stimulus package including mortgage and renter relief, student loan relief, etc. click here

Grant Programs and Money Saving Tips

USGB grants – Cash assistance for Bartender, server or waitstaff.  Spouses and children are also eligible.

One Fair Wage Emergency Fund – Cash assistance to restaurant workers, car service drivers, delivery workers, personal service workers, and more. (CA, CO, PA only)

Ask if your rent or mortgage payment can be deferred or skipped for a certain time period.  Many landlords and lenders are offering options and many states are not allowing evictions at this time.

Contact your Bank or Credit Union. Many are waiving fees on late or missed credit card or loan payments or offering affected borrowers the ability to defer or skip making loan payments.

State Programs

More folks are eligible for unemployment than ever before!  Call us at 800-414-2622 or your Carhop store to understand more. Links to apply for unemployment are below, by state:















COVID-19 Safety

CarHop is following safety guidelines from the two most respected sources: and These sites have information that can help you stay safe too. Examples below: