How‌ ‌Do I ‌Prepare‌ My ‌Car‌ ‌for‌ ‌Summer‌?

March 24th, 2021 by

White Ford Explorer SUV

Is your vehicle ready for the intense heat of the summer months? Both the heat and the harsh rays can affect everything from the paint job to the tires and more. By following a few steps, you can prepare your car for the approaching adverse weather conditions. Regardless of the type of car that you drive, these steps require your attention soon.

1. Check the Tires

After the winter season’s last snow, it is time to replace winter tires with all-season or summer tires. As the temperature rises, the air pressure in the tires will need to be adjusted. Pay attention to the reading on your tire pressure monitor, and make adjustments promptly to avoid unnecessary tire wear.

2. Service the Engine

You should service your vehicle’s engine with an oil change, filter replacement, and hose inspection. You can also check the battery’s terminals for signs of corrosion and inspect the battery power level. A mechanic may review the brake fluid, coolant, transmission, and other essentials through a seasonal inspection service.

3. Prepare the AC System

The time to find out that your car’s air conditioner requires service is well before warm weather arrives. Take time today to turn the air conditioner on the highest setting. Strange noises, unusual odors, and improper cooling are all signs that your car’s AC system requires service.

4. Check the Wiper Blades

Your car’s wiper blades should be replaced periodically, and now could be the right time to do so. This is because wiper blades often wear down over the winter months when exposed to snow, ice, and cold temperatures. In addition to replacing the wiper blades, refill the washer fluid canister.

5. Detail the Car

Between road salt and many other types of grime, the car’s exterior could be filthy. Some of the elements could damage the car’s clear coat and may even lead to corrosion. Exterior and interior detailing do more than improving aesthetics. They also can protect the vehicle from unnecessary damage.

Do you need help preparing your car for summer? Contact our Auburn-area auto specialists for assistance with the services your vehicle requires today.