Fast Auto Financing in Omaha, NE

With bad credit or no credit, CarHop may still be able to help you with fast auto financing so you can get the nice truck, car or van you need, even with bad credit history. When trying to find a cheap used car that is also a reliable ride, CarHop in Omaha knows you can run into financing challenges, and with help from CarHop, you may be able to find the vehicle and financing you need to get back behind the wheel. CarHop believes in helping people drive.

Our used cars, vans, trucks and SUVs come with an 18 month/18,000 mile limited warranty. That helps protect you after the sale! We also include our seven day satisfaction guarantee. If something happens, you may be able to bring your vehicle back in those first three days, because we know life can change unexpectedly.

Also, CarHop in Omaha is different from other car dealers because when you get a great vehicle from us, we do not require full coverage car insurance that can be expensive. We also work with you for lower, more affordable down payments. When you come to CarHop for automobile financing, you can get an answer in our CarHop store in Omaha in about an hour for most people. Even if other dealers or banks turned you down before, CarHop may still be able to help you find financing and drive away with the vehicle you need. And we know many drivers want to change their ride every 2-3 years, so we won’t burden you with long term payments. Our financing options can work with your needs.

When you financing with help from CarHop, and make consistent, on-time payments, you may be able to improve your credit score. On-time payments reported to credit bureaus and paying bills on-time may help you build a better credit score.

Stop by CarHop in Omaha and we can help you learn about fast financing through CarHop! Talk with our staff or start your application online.

CarHop is not a credit repair organization.