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Make a Payment

There are several ways for you to make a payment on your account, if have questions about any of the options, call your UAC account representative at 1-800-414-2622 for more information.

Pay Automatically

Autopay is the Easy Way

Many customers find automatic payments (Autopay) by electronic funds transfer (EFT) are the easiest way to make payments. Talk to your UAC account representative to learn more about the benefits of AutoPay and to help you to set them up. Call 1-800-414-2622. Click here for more about Autopay.


Pay Check Direct

You can have your payments made automatically from your pay check.
Talk to your a CarHop or UAC representative to sign up.

Pay Online



Click here to pay online using credit or debit cards.

Pay In Person

Pay in Person

You can always make payments in person at any CarHop store during regular business hours. Checks or money orders are accepted. You may want to consider AutoPay as an easy alternative.

Pay By Phone

Over the Phone

To pay over the phone using credit card, debit card or electronic check, call Western Union 
at 1-888-608-6687

Western Union

Western Union

Western Union is a trusted and safe method to transfer funds. Pay cash at any Western Union location or by clicking here. Some fees apply.



PayNearMe allows customers to make cash payments at nearly 9,000 7-Eleven and Ace Cash Express locations nationwide. Click here to print or send yourself payment instructions. Some fees apply.



MoneyGram is available at Walmart and other locations - UAC receive code: 3254.


Send Payoffs to

10801 Red Circle Dr,
Minnetonka, MN  55343-9135