Buy Credit Car Loan Richmond, CA

If your bad credit is keeping you from purchasing that used vehicle that you need, CarHop in Richmond, CA can help. We finance car purchase for those that suffer from bad credit all across State. We have financed thousands of people in the Richmond, CA area and we would love to help you out too. The process is quick and makes car shopping easier for those with bad credit or no credit at all!

At CarHop, we understand that it can be difficult and sometimes impossible to get financing for a vehicle if you have bad credit. We offer on the spot financing meaning that when you come in to CarHop to apply for financing, you could have your answer immediately, and leave in your new vehicle that same day. Unlike other dealerships, we don’t hand your application off to a bank. We work directly with an exclusive financing company to get you financing immediately, so you don’t have to deal with a bank or other dealerships. This process is also known as “buy here, pay here” financing and it is the fastest and easiest way to get you driving that new car, truck, van, or SUV that you need.

Our used vehicles come with an 18 month, 18,000 mile warranty and a seven day money back guarantee so you can leave feeling good about your purchase.

When you finance with CarHop, your payments are reported monthly to the credit bureaus. On-time payments may help you improve credit.  Building your credit can help you achieve goals that seemed unreachable in the past, and CarHop wants to help you reach those goals!

Come in to CarHop of Richmond, CA today or apply for financing online!