5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill

April 16th, 2020 by

Save in Grocery BillsWhy pay more than you have to? These grocery tips can save you a bundle.

1. Where you shop
If you only go to your local grocery chain for everything, you might be missing an opportunity to shave some dollars off your bill.

  • Aldi is a great alternative in many cities. Their approach to providing low cost food is being praised all over the internet. You’ll need a quarter to get your cart outside (it will be returned when you are done) and you’ll need your own bags, but the savings once you get in the door can’t be denied.
  • If your community has a farmer’s market, you are bound to find locally sourced food at a good price.
  • Don’t forget about places like the Dollar Tree. There is no easier way to keep to your budget than knowing that everything in your cart is a dollar. 25 items…25 dollars. From bread to frozen items to aluminum foil and cleaning supplies are significantly cheaper.
  • Search for local grocery outlets. They buy overstock products and products that have updated packaging so they can sell it to you for deep discounts.

2. Sign up for savings
Almost all major grocery chains provide loyalty programs these days. Use them! They can unlock digital coupons as well as giving you added benefits like fuel discounts.

3. Freezer cooking
A quick internet search will provide you endless recipes that freeze well. Make a large amount of foods that freeze well. Then, when you’re not in the mood to cook, instead or ordering pizza, heat up pre-prepped food.

4. Less meat can save you big
Consider a few meatless meals into your meal planning. Meat can be expensive and finding ways to do without it for a meal or two can add up. And who would turn down pancakes for dinner?

5. Buying in bulk can save you big
Not all bulk buys are a great deal, but if you do it right, you can save big.

Every dollar counts. The small changes above can add up to big savings over time!